Secret Recipes Popeyes Chicken

Is only half a chicken recipe too heavy in salt and pepper. Do not just the color, texture and taste of Popeye. very disappointed. I've never eaten, Popeyes Chicken, but I bought it for my friends who ate, who said it came just the same. Please, follow the recipe for something to say, have you tried. It's so amazing! I prefer the spicy recipe and consequently adjusted with two teaspoons of cayenne pepper just a teaspoon of paprika, and is very. I also tried double breaded, but I advise against. He finished the chicken separating and I found myself with this spicy cake in the circulating oil. Since 2008, I work with our authors, editors and community, serious eats makes a delicious and dynamic place. Originally from Southern California, now residing in Brooklyn looking for a ripe avocado. Post what you want, seriously and only eats, seriously. We reserve the right to remove any comment off-topic or inflammatory. More information, see reviews of our secret recipes popeyes chicken terms and conditions of the policy page. If a moderator, please see signing something not so nice. .