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The power of dreams, edited by me, my own interpretation of texts based on the thought of the law of AttractionAll music on our site is mixed with subliminal words used and must distribute the rights of composers, music, mixed with our product license. You can download our MP3s via a phone or a Tablet-because you need a very law of attraction music strong connection and location. All our MP3s are large files, we use a very low compression to get the subliminal recording. You can record your MP3s to a CD. Download and save each Mp3 on your computer the link that receives, not to listen, but Download. Click on each link to read instructions. OK, buying every product, never use to another person without the consent of the reviewer. Our self-help audio as pedagogical material products sold only-we cannot say that all medical services. There is nothing in our range is a substitute for proper medical care. Ask your doctor if you have any questions about health problems. Do not use the soundtracks of nature when you drive a car or operate heavy machinery and ,.